Happy Earth Day – all month long

Happy Earth Day – all month long

It’s Earth Month!

I’m not really sure “Earth Month” is a thing, but just 1 day to celebrate the only planet we can live on is not enough… So, welcome to Earth Month – all April long!

For the past few months, I have been taking stock of my consumer habits. I have been taking note of all of the improvements that I could make in order to live more sustainably. It’s all fine and dandy to be observant, but at some point, I need to move past the passive state of observing and in to the active state of doing… I could easily tell myself “Now is not the best time. I’ll start when I am more organized.” Well, sometimes you just gotta rip off the bandaid and get started – now is that time!

The biggest hurdle to me making actual changes is lack of time and lack of organization. Scratch that… It’s not about a lack of time, it’s about a perceived lack of time. I am definitely guilty of falling down the rabbit hole of social media, the internet, and Netflix… As I fall down that rabbit hole, there goes my time! So, this is a reminder that I need to shuffle my priorities because carving out time so I can focus on changing my wasteful ways holds more value than staring passively at a screen.

But sometimes that screen staring can be productive and inspiring. Behold, my Pinterest board called Living a Plastic-free Life. On this board, I have been collecting and pinning ideas that I want to try “someday”. In honour of Earth Month and to get me making some changes, I have decided to try a couple of pins that have inspired me. The first one will be sewing some reusable snack bags and the second will be sewing a couple of linen bread bags (because the warmer weather is coming and my Summer Resolution is to bake bread weekly in our backyard adobe clay oven – having a plastic-free way to storage this bread will be great!).

In the coming weeks, I shall write about the reusable snack bags and bread bags… Until then, feel free to peruse through my Pinterest board on plastic-free living! Until then, careful falling down the rabbit hole! 😉