It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village

It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a village to launch a new business! I am so thankful for the village that has helped me to launch reVerra Glass.

Let me introduce you to the village members that have helped me get reVerra Glass ready for launch (and click on their title to pop over to their website):

Frolic Design

Sarah Crane and I have a long history of great relationships which have included tenant-landlord, business partners, and Graphic Design Hero-Client. She is the creative force behind the visuals for reVerra Glass (thank goodness because when it comes to graphic design, I seem to freeze like a deer in headlights!). She is wonderful to work with and I so value her expertise.

Kebo Creative

Kellie Bonnici is my Website Guardian Angel… A chance meeting in the aisles at Costco resulted in us realizing that we were already well acquainted, through association of the many friends that linked us together. One quick look at her website and I knew that I needed her to help guide me on my website journey. Working with her has been wonderful – not only have I learned so much about websites, webcopy, SEO, but she took the confusion and fear out of it all!

Rodney Fuentes Films

Out of all the folks who helped me launch reVerra, I’ve known Rodney the longest – we have been married 16 years, afterall! Naturally, he was the obvious choice when I wanted a video to help tell reVerra’s story – and how lucky am I that he is SO AMAZING at what he does?!?! He has a natural eye for video and such a dynamic and creative approach to telling people’s stories. I am so excited for future videos we will create for reVerra!

Welch Photography

Maeda and I met 11 years ago at an outdoor education conference.  We eventually worked together at an environmental education organization here in Peterborough. Throughout this time, she would do portrait photography, on the side. When she announced at the end of 2017 that she was taking on her portrait photography business  more full time, I knew that I would love to work with her to get some model photography done. She has a calm, friendly, and positive approach to photography, ensuring that everyone involved felt comfortable and happy.

Monocle Centre for the Arts

I will most definitely be renting this studio space again! We used it to for the lifestyle photo shoot and I was so thrilled with how open it is, the variety of walls (plain white, plain black, painted white brick, etc, the floor to ceiling south-facing windows, and wide range props that we could use. Vicky was wonderful to work with and knowing that there is such a versatile space at the ready gives me peace of mind.

Peterborough & the Kawarthas Economic Development – Starter Company Plus

I applied to PKED’s Starter Company Plus on a bit of whim, not thinking that my business was the kind of business that should even bother applying. Thank goodness I did! With support, I crafted a business plan that will help guide reVerra as it grows and after pitching my business, I received a $2000 grant to help with start up costs! I continue to have access to the supportive team at PKED which gives me so much confidence!

Getting reVerra from an idea to an actual business has been a busy 5 months, and without help, it would likely still be in the idea stage. Thank goodness for the village of support!